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Wire binding for free

March 4th, 2012 § 1


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Wire binding is hard to get on a computer. You will encounter the difficulty of margins after publishing. Why does an application even think of creating margins for the portfolio you want to bind? So this is how I started in a silly way. I opened the html document en replace: <BODY…… > at the beginning with: <body marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ topmargin=”0″ leftmargin=”0″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” >. Then save. Never thought it would be so hard to build one’s own virtual space from scratch, getting there bit by bit. Putting a portfolio on it. Trying to get the typography and lay-out with style scripting, CSS. Nether expected bitmapped fonts to be taken that serious for typesetting. However they look quite well on monitor display, and handy for avoiding robots. If only exactly positioned on the pixels with a flash-object, to get them sharp. Also using their exact height, commonly 8 pixels, which is their capital height. This is totally different from typographic measuring corps 8 didotpoints. Actually I designed a lot of bitmap-fonts 25 years ago (even did my promotional brochure with it, through downsizing with reprocamera), all threw them away, feeling so releaved with the arrival of vector-fonts. Bitmapped fonts often are freeware, not for sale, incomplete, without any numbers for instance, limited for the whole typesetting. Spacing still is irregular because of pixel limitations. Half is no pixel Therefore I prefer letter-spacing:1px for small type. Which reminds me of the em-space, which is a square surrounding the capital ‘M’. The roman classic at least, not a condensed one. So ‘em’ equals corps-hight; Do check this type measure tool

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    This is total nonsense. Never use style code in the body tag.

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