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June 12th, 2011 § 0

My home is a castle

One day Margot decided to rent a place to live in. Something beautiful came up, so to speak, a home. But it really appeared to be a castle, and totally empty. Old fashioned. No kitchen, no shower, no television, no phone to communicate with the outside world. Even the postman had to knock on the door. No doorbell. Yet their were a few images on the wall, old fashioned paintings, who nobody would care for. Portraits of the former owners.
Margot decided to ask her friend Didier to help her with the design and installation of all engineering, hot and cold water. In no way she could build the plumbing herself. Also she loved watching movies on a big screen instead of old paintings. Didier had good taste too.
So their he was, Didier, her friend with good taste. The big day they were entering the castle.
‘Got a key?’
‘Do we need one?’
‘Yes of course, well… here he is under the doormat.’
‘Lucky for you this is a huge entrance so we can drive in the mobile home.’
‘The what?’
‘A mobile home … fully equipped. It’s all their, you can watch movies and listen to music. It could be a castle but it is even better. I will take the key. Whenever you want a different mobile home you can call me.’
‘What if I want to let in a visitor?’
‘It is all done by the mobile home. It will answer the doorbell automatically, much like a robot.’
‘But if someone is knocking?’
‘Well…, in that case you can call me.’
‘I certainly will not call you and I also would like a different wallpaper. And I completely disagree with living in a mobile home in a castle.
I would rather live in a castle with a bathroom, maybe you can tell me how it works, that mobile home. I can build the plumbing myself’
‘Margot…, then you will not call me anymore.’

Vertaling van het Engels in het Nederlands

My home is a castle

Op een dag besloot Margot om een ruimte te huren om te wonen. Iets moois werd gevonden, om zo te zeggen, een huis. Maar in werkelijheid was het een kasteel, en helemaal leeg. Ouderwets. Geen keuken, geen douche, geen televisie, geen telefoon voor de communicatie met de buitenwereld. Zelfs de postbode moest kloppen op de deur. Geen deurbel. Er hingen nog wat dingen aan de muur, ouderwetse schilderijen, waar niemand om gaf. Portretten van de voormalige eigenaren.
Margot besloot om haar vriend Didier te vragen om te helpen met de inrichting en installatie van alle techniek, warm en koud water. Op geen enkele manier kon ze het sanitair zelf aanleggen. Ook hield ze van kijken naar films op een groot scherm in plaats van ouderwetse schilderijen. Didier had goede smaak ook.
Dus daar kwam hij, Didier, haar vriend met goede smaak. De grote dag dat ze het kasteel in konden.
‘Heb je een sleutel?’
‘Hebben we er een nodig?’
‘Ja natuurlijk wel, ach … hier is hij onder de deurmat.’
‘Gelukkig is dit zo’n enorme entree dat we de stacaravan naar binnen kunnen rijden.’
‘De wat?’
‘De stacaravan … van alle gemakken voorzien. Het is er allemaal, je kunt films kijken en luisteren naar muziek. Het zou een kasteel kunnen zijn, maar het is nog beter. Ik zal de sleutel meenemen. Wanneer je een andere stacaravan wil kun je me bellen.’
‘Wat als ik een bezoeker wil binnenlaten?’
‘Het wordt allemaal gedaan door de stacaravan. Die zal antwoord geven op de deurbel, automatisch, net als een robot.’
‘Maar als iemand klopt?’
‘Nou …, in dat geval kun je me bellen.’
‘Ik zal zeker niet bellen en ik zou ook graag een ander behangetje. En ik ben het volledig oneens met het leven in een stacaravan in een kasteel.
Ik zou liever leven in een kasteel met een badkamer, misschien kun je mij vertellen hoe het functioneert, die stacaravan. Dan kan ik het sanitair zelf aanleggen’
‘Margot . . ., dan zul je me niet meer bellen.’

pictobrowser wmode opaque

June 11th, 2011 § 0

Flash-divisions tend to be on top of everything html.
This post shows several Pictobrowser flash-objects in the background! With their content from Picasa or Flickr.
More important, it works with different browsers! Therefore the source code contains two similar divisions with apparently the same code twice, but this is necessary, one for Safari/Firefox and another for IE. Incroyable mais pourtant c’est vray. (It’s incredible but yet true.)

gallery from folder

June 11th, 2011 § 0

A real PHP-script for listing images from a folder, with subscriptions and magnified image view within the page. Completely adaptable with css to your own style-preference. No hidden secrets or back linking. Please leave the copyright credit intact.
Proudly presenting demo here.
I will proceed with explaining the script in this post, but I am also considering how to earn a little from it because it took me so much to get it on. Donate as much as you want or the more likely no way I pay Free to use without warranty or support!
Anyhow I will present it to my dear students. And for them I have to explain some things in advance.

-PHP must be turned on, check your server
-the whole thing is running from one folder, which contains the files ‘index.php’, ‘recentPictures.txt’, subfolders ‘images’ and ‘big’.
-so you address ‘’ and then the page automatically opens.

You can download the zip-file here, unpack, create as many galleries as you whish by copying and changing the name of the folder. No thanks!


June 11th, 2011 § 0

short url Iweb

June 10th, 2011 § 1

Servers do have different root-folders. Sometimes it is called: ‘web’, ‘public_html’ or ‘httpdocs’. However for Imac it is even more complicated: Apple root folder is supposed to be: ‘idisk/web/sites’.

The homepage which is located root folder (file index.html) contains this:

There is a meta refresh which should not be there.
I would appreciate some help on this, why is Iweb hiding url?

css image-change a: hover html

February 21st, 2011 § 0

► simple hover image change
Without any flickering, tested in main browsers. HTML on top of background-swf autoplaying!

lilies drawing

February 1st, 2011 § 0

charcoal on paper 160x100cm


During the past several drawings and watercolors were done. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam a justo vel nulla vehicula dictum. Fusce ut ullamcorper nisl. Phasellus augue sem, posuere eu feugiat ac, pulvinar a lacus. In a lorem lectus. Nullam nec lectus vitae magna varius placerat. Suspendisse potenti. Proin a mollis risus. Etiam semper quam ut diam eleifend ornare. Nunc in diam eu justo luctus gravida. Nam eget augue nulla, quis pretium eros. Nulla scelerisque, arcu at suscipit tincidunt, dolor odio porta est, at egestas tortor urna eu sapien. » Read the rest of this entry «

Picasa pictobrowser of my own

February 1st, 2011 § 0

The script is hidden, it’s not mine. You can do the research entirely on your own. Such as I did, being an entire newbee. Proudly showing a
► picasa pictobrowser which I am able to style (CSS) myself!
Since I got it from the Internet I do owe ► Bulat Gafurov all the credits. I did a slight conversion on the script(!) and I am studying to do more.

design impressions

December 5th, 2010 § 0

drawing self II

August 14th, 2010 § 0

selfportrait 1984 260x160cm dispersion-paint on paper
selfportrait 1984 260x160cm dispersion-paint on paper by p e t e r t h i j s