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    A real javascript for listing images from a folder, as a background-image within the page. Completely customizable with css to your own style. No hidden secrets or back linking. Please leave the copyright credit intact.

    I will proceed with explaining the script in this page, but I am also considering how to earn a little from it because it took me so much to get it on. Donate as much as you want or the more likely no way I pay Free to use without warranty or support!
    Anyhow I will present it to my dear students. And for them I have to explain some things in advance.

    -the whole thing is running from one folder, which contains the files ‘index.html’, ‘backgroundFill.js’, subfolder ‘big’ with images.
    -so you address ‘’ and then the page automatically opens.
    Download the zip-file here, unpack, create as many galleries as you wish by copying and changing the name of the folder. No thanks!