Understanding our existence as merely a construction in our head. A virtual reality. It may be a weird idea but, it gives us also the means for creating a universe.
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quantum philosophy-perception of reality


The construction of our reality

Without language we would be lost. Oliver Sacks once brought it up as the filtering in our mind.
‘A filter has to be applied to the input from our senses as also to the output of our actions.’ Elsewise everything is chaos, without any meaning. Understanding a language that no one else can see could either turn you into a genius or a fool.


Imagine you are driving a car, seventy miles per hour. Suddenly you see a bunch of green shapes. Thousands of them green shapes connected with even so many thin lines. The lines expand, they grow into thicker lines. Connect finally, all together, with one big line. The filter in your mind delivers a fast recognition of a form, an image. Which is very useful in traffic, driving a car at 70mph, not to crash with that form which we do call a tree. A bird would rather call it a house or village, also avoiding to crash with it.
The filtering does many things for us, both good and bad. For instance reading is only possible through memorizing the form of a word. Instead of assembling it from separate letters each time again. Reading is how many forms come to us; reading body language, reading or interpreting ones facial expression, clothing style or identity. In order to get an impression of a form whether it is good or bad for us. Reading, or rather filtering: attaching a meaning to it. External stimuli such as sound and touch, pass through our senses into our mind, have to be filtered. Without the filter the stimuli would be meaningless or chaos, disturbing or frightening. Then it can be saved in our head, where it is being percepted as reality. It also can be read again from memory, used for new creation. As we look at a form, let’s say a letter ‘A’, a Japanese person or somebody who’ is not familiar with western type, possibly cannot read it. But us looking at it this ‘A’ could as well be wrong, in fact it could even be a ‘B’. Plato already explained it. Looking at reality only gives us an image. This image is not the real thing. The filtering takes care of business. The person who would call it a ‘B’, is regarded a fool. He is lacking the filter. Doesn’t belong to the species. And in fact, doesn’t communicate well, being rude or to honest. Sometimes it can be really dangerous to reveal the unfiltered object. For instance Giardino Bruno claiming the earth circles around the sun, in a specific time was considered a blasphemous fool to be burned at the stake. Today for us counts someone traveling east and someone traveling west are meating in the end. They were 'time-traveling', experiencing the other person got older while they didn't look in the mirror. In a positive circumstance the unfiltered opinion is regarded as geniality or creativity. In fact the conditioned mind, incapable of filtering, can see different structures or add new meanings. Also storage capacity or plug in modules wrong connected, could turn into the most incredible capabilities: hearing colours, seeing music.

developing filters

How filters are formed has very much to do with life and the continuation of it. Rather to speak from experiencing life. It is settled in our brain. Creating an image or sound which is meaningful to us, is connected with life as we feel it and the continuation of this feeling. As also the continuation of the species is an expanded continuation of the same awareness of an existence. Without the continuation there will be no more life, as simple as that. Let’s illustrate this. As an unborn child we are surrounded by rhythmic sound. The sound of the heartbeat and circulation of blood through the veins while we are floating in the dark pool. So the awareness of life is restricted to rhythmic signals, which is good. We would like to continue this life, because it is our life. Any interfering or lacking signal is threatening our existence. I guess this is how our sensibility for rhythm is grown and staying with us through our life. Change or contrast is alert. Filters are the construction of our life and meanwhile shutting us from reality.
More about developing filters
Filtering works faster and we mainly survive by it. It’s intuitive, we even could be wrong by it, but it is our perception of life. Therefore we call it reality. It functions through memorizing or storage capacity, quick connections and correctly attached plug ins. Like an organic computer which has to be correctly connected with our input devices. All these things can be different with so many people. Wrongly connected sound sensors to seeing-colour-plug in. Huge storage capacity for images without any filter plug in to read the camera. Scanning patterns in mathematical calculations. Things like that, from a giant flexible organic computer, which is our brain. And this is how we enter a virtual space in our head which we experience as our existence.


Everything we agree on as being reality, with our fellow humans, we could call communication. This is how we get in touch with each other. To continue our life or existence, or our kind. One could claim that filters are grown for expansion and continuation of the species. We are intuitive about a person being rich or poor, intelligent, hostile or friendly. Power is communicated by many things. Another creature like a virus does not need all this. For breeding it does not need to recognize it’s fellow kind. However it is perfectly sensitive for temperature en humidity in order to multiply. Exploiting the surrounding environment until the cell bursts. In some way man is the virus of the earth, exploiting it until we have to leave for another planet.

playing with filters

It is not considered a crime to dress like a rich person. Fooling around with identity or style is what some artists do. Or rather they play with it. Fernando Pessoa however also was suspected of multiple personality disorder. Because he did write as if he was many other persons. Madonna dresses up as a different person every year. Somebody who invents a resumé is accused as a fraud. Many other levels of human society do exist where ethical or moral judgments are applied on some event of filtering process. If someone is very convincing or persuasive with a form of communication this could as well cause harm to his fellow human. He tries to place himself on top of the species at the cost of it. May be to achieve a stronger kind.


There is more needed if some perception gets any meaning to us. How can we recognize a sound or the air that we breathe as a meaningful thing? If something lasts forever it is hard to tell as a form. How can we tell there is music? How to say if an object is big or small? These are all matters of form which are related to time and space. Our own existence is the yardstick, human time and scale is our reference. A period of one year is not an absolute period of time. It is experienced as a section of our lifeline. Time and space are an emotion. A one year old child experiences this year as eternal. Entering a cathedral in Chartres offers us a feeling of cosmic space, an ultimate emotion of universe. Einsteins theory about relativity of mass, space and time. If their does exist a universe than it should have a form. Without space or time their is no meaning or awareness of form in our head. If a matchbox is either big or small we can not answer. Unless we define the space. Also time is necessary, to get an impression of a form or sound. Today scientists are searching for parallel universes, with different formal input. The simple fact that we do exist inside our mind is hard to accept. Someone who is driven by his thoughts, been conducted through his brain, is considered to be out of control and just has to learn to correct his behavior. Even harder to believe that we could enter a different universe by it. Like a virtual space which is the worldwide web. Always searching for the way out, the home button. Keeping in touch with our familiar space.


This is our reality. Everything we are aware of. This is our life. Awareness of being. But also experiencing time and space by it. And even creating new universes with it. Which is: defining a space or time in which something is been given a meaning.


Why we create? What’s the idea about perception of form and the psychic process of creating? Philosophic insights about perception of our existence, form being relative with time and space. How does form come to us and why?
Call it a painting, or an opera. This small peace of space or time with a meaning applied to it. Sometimes we call it a chair, if their is a functional meaning of sitting. Experiencing infinity or eternity by it, we call art or god, love. Loosing ones self, getting in touch with eternity, immortality. Only one touch and we are immortal, in our head.

rhythm and contrast

There should be rhyme or reason in this little universe, which is our creation. Every person has it’s own reason and so many levels do exist. One person likes what he sees, another what he reads, or tastes. There is much reason wrapped in survival. Survival of the species, which is our kind, our culture. This could explain the battle of the species: protecting the life we are familiar with. The increasing number of colorblind people indicates that seeing color is not absolutely necessarry for mere survival anymore. Distinguishing color as a result of a brain process, communicating with our fellow kind calling one color red, still remains on a cultural level. Rhyme does give a meaning to a form by means of a reaction. But if we would like some other creature to understand this small universe, than we better apply some filter which is communicative to. So another person can read it or analyze the filter. First he must be sure about the definition: which is the time or space to enter. The creator must understand the section of the universe, mastering it. Directing a ballet, or being an architect, you have to be very aware of the space or time, communicating this also. Balancing in space could help on many aspects to be sure about a formal event. Rhythm is a very strong signal. Contrasts have to be clearly expressed. But also other formal aspects such as strong character. It’s all bound to fail into chaos.

other existence

Because our reality is constructed this way, does not say that other existence is also built on these things: A. using the same filtering (probably no eyes, nor ears or any kind of sensor that we are familiar with) B. using the same time/space/form universe. (May be we are surrounded or may be we could search on the inside, in any case we only get an image of something and reality we will never see.) Entering another universe will disconnect the home button and we probably won’t experience existing anymore. The arrogance of sending a message to outer space with a rocket named Pioneer is an example of human perspective. Calling our self civilization, believing our construction to be the center of the universe. May be we better should have sent it in our head. Finding the truth is in our head, this is our existence. This is it, there is nothing else, as far as us concerned. Why are the filters meant for life? Because they are what experiencing life is, itself. If we don’t get an image we are not alive. Image is our daily bread and we want to eat it everyday. More of it to get in touch with our existence, why we exist, where we come from and where we go. If you wake up without any sight or sound or any other kind of stimuli it feels as not waking up. If next you can distinguish a vague silhouette of a house than you can tell: Thank you for this image, which tells me I am alive. On the other hand we go to sleep without being frightened for the dark space, time and time again. The construction in our head tells us that we will wake up. Until our brain stops and the construction fades away.

cogito ergo sum

René Descartes really wrote: ‘I am in doubt, so I think, so I am.’ I would rather say: I think I am. My brain is my expanding universe. Data put into data, put into data like a more or less controlled nuclear reaction. Our frontal cortex is trying to connect networks and find meaningful data, finally return to the beginning. The end is the beginning. Imagination is the truth.

quamtum physics

If quantum physics tells us we are only but a bunch of waves. That interfere into mass. Keep in touch with their origin beyond the speed of light. Give us experience of life into the big nothing. We really have to reconsider our thoughts.

The hardest thing about non locality is for us to accept that time is dead, it does not exist. Nor does space. Both are the pillars of construction of our reality. Lucky for us that our life is just an idea, an image, that represents all the meaning in it. Or doesn’t it? As real as the earth circles around the sun.*

Einstein’s mistake

Just born, Einstein could have had an identical twin brother. They would have had blue eyes that change color by the years. They made a bet on the color it would finally be. Einstein thought to be clever. He offered his brother a journey in space with the speed of light. When he returned Einstein was older than his brother and knew the color. The twin brother however said: ‘You could have spared the time and space because we are quantum twins, so I already knew. Time and space are relative to our mind, they don’t exist. We are the speed of light ourself and we stand still. It’s all just invented by Einstein senior.’

* I really hope not to be punished for this statement. I would like to hold on to my construction for a while. Science undermines reality. Our existence is as real as we think it is but completely relative.  

art meets quantum physics

Ever continuing oscillation is hard to distinguish as a form. Interferences do result in optical effects as practiced in Op(tical) Art, moiré effects. In print these interfering patterns rather have to be avoided. So, these effects hardly ether result in what we would call a form. We prefer something more explicit, calling the other state an atmosphere, chaos, structure ore even style. An eternal sound or rithm is hard to tell as music or dance. It is lacking form or excitement. Time or space have to be given a meaning by directing and defining, applying measurements we can understand. Contrast is alerting us. As a threat to our existence. But also all these are the means for communication, continuing our existence. Human nature, meeting his fellowmen, trying hard to get in touch with the energy which is the origan of it all. Many artists regard it the ultimate goal. Art is not real but the most near we can get with quantum physics.

Missing link for universe

A student wrote: ‘This creating a universe which you are trying to teach us all the time, it could be based on the Mandelbrot principle: these fractals you know, the entire universe is built on it.’
Fractal-images are psychedelic, spacey or chaotic, continuously growing. Sometimes they achieve a interesting more meaningful form or color.
‘Embedding’ could be the Mandelbrot formula for the Internet. Embed data into any other data, like a controlled nuclear reaction. Practiced on commercial base or used for malwhare. In fact the Internet is one great linking park, but it expands under control with this fractal technique of embedding. Searching robots have to crawl embedded networks, because they are new networks in themselves. It is infinite or cosmic in itself. Embedded data contains embedded data contains embedded data contains embedded data . . . like waves

Using the physics of light and quantum mechanics, the crawling robot becomes a voyager in space and time with the speed of light. Searching for meaningful data. It tries to stop and jump from one memory into another. Like the human mind. If our thoughts can travel with the speed of light, if decisions can be made in the so called reality with the speed of light, time has really become relative. If, beside that, our thoughts can switch a state of existence in one thing or the other, which is possible in quantum mechanics than the virtual reality is really there.
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Light stands still, where is Einstein now?

communication is relative

The human brain is capable of adapting color. Quite fast we can see colors different, adjusted to the environment. We don’t worry about the colors totally changing, this is all true. We live our life with truths. We don’t need proof. Seeing ourself as the center of the universe living a long and happy life. Looking at the sky, believing we look back in time at the origin of it all. Sending messages into space, searching for other creatures like us which we call civilized. Time and space is very true to us. A long life is what we wish for, one hundred years. A one year old baby would call his short life quite everlasting. His parents teach him the language of their life. To read the Koran or the Bible. Finally they teach him to kill the other. We need no proof for our life. We believe that what goes up must come down. Even if gravity is one of the not understood facts of life, unproven by science. In any way everything that we can think of is related to time and space. We don’t think that much of the air that we breathe. We are not aware, until it gets short. Calling something big or small depends on us. Something lasting long or short is all relative to our sense of time. So it is an emotion, it is as I think it is.

thinking as the center of it all

When science did find that light did not fit in, acting relative with our emotion, Einstein started thinking. If the speed of light is not obeying to us then we have to adapt. If we travel with the speed of light we get younger. Many of his findings have been proved by science. Until recently science did find out that the speed of light does not exist. It stands still. It behaves as a wave that goes out and goes in at the same time. Like an everlasting tremble overall in space, staying in touch with itself. And the human eye trying to look at it changes it’s behavior. And instantly the whole knows about it.
What happened with time, where is the space? Are we still alive?
Don’t worry. As long as you are reading this we are communicating, but remember it is all just a thought. You have to forget yourself to understand everything.
watch Krishnamurti speak
‘Measurement is a Property of an Ensemble of Matter. A particle entirely alone in the universe cannot have dimensions of time, length, or mass. These measures are undefined without the existence of other matter because dimensions can only be defined in comparison with other matter. For example, at least five separated particles are necessary to crudely define length in a 3D space: four to establish coordinates and one being measured. Thus the measurement concept requires the existence of an ensemble of particles. In our universe the required ensemble must include all observeable matter, for there is no way to choose a special ensemble. The importance of this fact becomes clear when we recall that time, length and mass are the basic unit set used to describe all scientific measurements.’
Milo Wolff