Rietveld chair
Rietveld chair

Old school construction drawing technique.
With a plane map and a side projection
you are able to visualize any object or space.

The illustration from A. Dürer
shows the basic principle, a line crosses a drawingboard.
The assistent takes height and width by which each point of the object can be drawn as a projection from one central point.
Moving the drawing pane
behind the object.
Replacing centre point with a light-source for casting a shadow, instead of
using a thread and screw as a center direction. The so called central projection;
Measuring height and width
can be done in maps
on the floor and wall,
both being parallel projections.
The most effective are
the V(anishing) points,
which can be constructed with
parallel lines
from center eye point O. The paintings applying this technique are shown here the early paintings.

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