rietveld chair perspective construction

August 13th, 2010 § 0

This should explain the old-school drawingtechnique. A simple cube to begin with, see the fourth illustration. Try to find a few corner points and finally the vanishing perspective of parallel lines. Point ‘A’ is done by example. Draw the lines yourself and you wil understand. Visit the old-school paintings, that were done by this method.

Rietveld chair
Albrecht D�rer

High-end solutions.
Exercise a floating (vanishing) point of the chairs seat: draw a parallel line from the viewers eye which crosses the projection table (is on the canvas). Parallel to either one of the lines of the object. So each of parallel lines will float into the same ‘V’point (is the final construction of this point just like any other). However the backseat results in a point far beyond the canvas. Try for rounded objects, circles en spheres. Parallel shading, central shading and mirroring. It all can be done in a constructive manner. Visit the old-school paintings, that were done by this method.

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